COVID-19 UPDATE - June 12, 2020

As many are now aware, restrictions have loosened a little bit regarding funeral gatherings and we are grateful to see this progress. Whenever a viewing or funeral takes place indoors, families are permitted to have up to 50 people in attendance or 25% of the maximum occupancy of the facility, whichever is less is what prevails as the number of attendees permitted. So, we are still under some restrictions and for some families this may be ok and for others it may not be ok. Since the March 21st Executive Order from Governor Murphy our funeral home has utilized closed circuit live-stream (not Facebook or YouTube) and the families that have chosen to use this option, as well as the guests who have watched the live-streams, have given us tremendously positive feedback as they feel by doing this that “they have had a funeral” and were able to process a very important first step in grieving. As we adapted to better serve our families under the strictest guidelines over these past three months, we have learned how to utilize live-stream technology in a professional and tasteful manner.  We feel it has made us better in our day-to-day offerings as we move forward now and even in the distant future. Based on the first-hand feedback we have received from families and guests that have utilized the live-stream option over these past three months, we strongly encourage future families and guests to keep an open mind regarding this very efficient and effective tool to include everyone in these most sensitive moments as many people may not be able to physically attend or may not feel comfortable “gathering” for their own personal reasons. We would call this current stage we are in a “hybrid-stage” regarding funerals, to where we are able to accommodate family members and closest friends but maybe not everyone.  So, we encourage the use of live-stream technology to bridge that gap and to be able to offer all family and friends the opportunity to “attend” whether it be in-person or via the live-stream.  Of course, stating the obvious at this point, face masks, social distancing and hand-sanitizing will be adhered to when entering facilities.  By now we all know what is expected of us. We will do our best to be responsible for your safety and we thank you for being responsible for ours.  It is always a two-way street.  We are in this together. 


Dennis Spilker, Kevin Beare and Spilker Funeral Home Staff

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Executive Order 107