COVID-19 UPDATE - March 22, 2020

We are in uncharted waters but we are constantly shifting our sails and adapting as we closely follow the ever-evolving mandates handed down to us by our healthcare and government leaders to ensure public safety. We are keeping our arrangement meetings to an absolute minimum and suggest tele-conferencing and all business to be done remotely. Like many of our progressive colleagues, we are offering livestreaming at the discretion of the families we are honored to serve as a window into our minimal viewing and ceremony arrangements. Our livestreaming will remain off of the typical outlets of Facebook and YouTube and will be streamed, in what we feel, a more professional and closed-circuit arena. We are relying on technology to open the doors that we are not physically able to walk through during these uncertain times.

The message is: Be safe, stay home, stay healthy and know that we, as always, are available 24/7 with an untiring commitment to adapt as we continue to serve our great community in the best possible manner.


Dennis Spilker, Kevin Beare and Spilker Funeral Home Staff

Here are the helpful links that we rely on for our information:
Executive Order 107